AMBA and local clubs provide members and multiple-birth families with support, information, events and a range of resources.  In addition to that support AMBA has links to many formal and informal organisations who are the providers of resources that are complementary to those resources that AMBA can provide. In some cases, these organisations are more skilled in certain areas where AMBA has limited resources and expertise - such as SIDS - and as such we recommend families who require such information and support to connect with these specialised groups. In most cases, these are organisations that address a need which is relevant to multiple birth families, but does not only affect multiple birth families.


In other cases, there are support needs which are particular to multiple birth families. These may include higher order multiples and medical conditions such as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. AMBA and affiliated clubs aims to be the main point of contact for families needing support in these areas. We are 'those who know'. Part of the role of providing support is opening up opportunities for families to reach out to other families. Clubs do a great job of providing the structure for families to network and these form opportunities for support networks to develop. However, we also acknowledge that some subsets of the multiple birth community may find that the cohort of similar families in their local area is very small, and that networks reaching beyond the scope of local club activities may be necessary. In this way, AMBA provides avenues for more global support networks through media such as the AMBA Forum and through various AMBA Facebook groups and pages. But AMBA is not alone in wanting to provide support and facilitate discussion amongst multiple birth parents. It is not AMBA's role to try and restrict parents to only accessing AMBA resources, but to provide as much information and support as possible to parents so that through their AMBA connections and through other resources, parents can make an informed choice about whatever issue or support need they currently have.

To this end, AMBA supports a number of organisations, both highly structured and of a less formal nature, outside the AMBA family. These may include Facebook groups and pages, local playgroups or community or sports groups that particularly cater for multiples or many other organisations that for one reason or another, provide support and activities that benefit multiple birth families. AMBA's support of these groups is not one of providing oversight or control, but one of providing a link between multiple birth families and other groups where there is some benefit to that family and the wide multiple birth community.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with AMBA's Social Media Guidelines.

These resources are provided for your information. They are not AMBA resources and AMBA recommends using these resources as a guide only and to consult professional help if you require further assistance.

Multiple Multiples Facebook group
– a group for parents with more than one set of multiples -

Multiple Birth Families Special Needs Support – Online supportive community for parents of multiples who have one or more children with special needs. 

TTTS Australia & New Zealand - This is a place for families who have been through Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) or are currently going through TTTS in Australia or New Zealand. 

Multiple Dads Sanctuary - A place where Dads with multiples can get and share information on their experiences.

Pillars of Strength- a support network for Dads of children in NICU, hospital, and Dads who have lost a child

Aussie HOMmies Group – A group for Australian parents of triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more, if you’d like access please email to let them know you’re requesting access.

Australian Multiple Birth Association Facebook page -  this is a growing space where member and non-members or clubs are coming to ask questions of a wider community.  The administrators of the page schedule questions but there can be a 4-7 day delay so they recommend that those submitting questions join their local club as a large number of clubs have a Facebook group that they can connect.  Users of the Facebook page should  ensure they are familiar with AMBA’s Social Media Guidelines.

Support, Questions and Chat for Feeding Multiples! & Other Fun Questions - A group of over 1500 parents of multiples where you can chat, ask questions and have support from other parents on feeding your twins, triplets or more.. breast feeding, bottle feeding, weaning, tips, tricks and how we got through those first 12 months and beyond. 

Birthing Multiples Naturally - This group has been created as a safe place for families to discuss birthing their multiples naturally. Unfortunately in today's medical world it has become routine for multiples to be delivered by caesarean section, and because of this, women who choose to birth their multiples naturally are often the target of negativity.

Breastfeeding Twins & More – this group started as a way for mums who have attended an ABA Twins & More breastfeeding class in Melbourne to connect and share. But it was just too good to keep to ourselves, so now everyone is welcome, whether breastfeeding worked out for you or not. If you are a mother who has been twice - or even triple - blessed, come and join the discussion, share your experience and laugh at the craziness that is ABA Twins & More -

Single Mums with Twins or More - Being a single mum of multiples is hard work. Often people just don't "get" how it is for us. This is a place where we can support others and vent when we need to. It is also a place to talk about our families and take pride in how amazing we are to get through each and every day. 

YGOH Twinless Bereavement Support Group - Yasminah's Gift Of Hope aim to provide a safe, supportive community for you to share your thoughts, feelings and personal experiences without judgment. YGOH self-help support groups are moderated by admins & all posts are monitored to ensure the protection of all members. Each of Yasminah's Gift Of Hope Facebook Self Help Support Groups are closed to ensure the privacy of the members. What you post within the group won't appear in your news feed.  

Angel Gowns - From donated wedding gowns Angel Gowns lovingly hand craft gowns which are then gifted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units, and hospitals all around Australia for babies who are born sleeping and grow their wings far too soon. 

MoMo Twins Australia and New Zealand Facebook group - Monoamniotic twins are identical twins that share the same amniotic sac within their mother's uterus.

Rainbow Families Multiple Births Group - This group is a safe space for same sex families of multiple births to come and share and discuss issues and topics of subjects that are directly related to their families needs. We all have unique lives with unique circumstances as a minority group in our community we can stick together and support each other.

Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Foundation - The Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Foundation (MBVS) assists families of triplets or more, or twins in challenging circumstances, in their home by providing volunteers to lend a hand with the babies. Get in contact via their website at

Bereavement reources - a number of resources are listed on this page.

Naturally parenting twins - An online community of twin and triplet mamas who strive to practice natural family living and attachment parenting with multiples.

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