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This booklet was written by a mother of twins who has had many years experience working with families in toy libraries. She offers ideas for play with twins and higher order multiples and their siblings. The booklet also draws on the experiences of multiple birth families. There are suggestions for toys and playthings at the various stages of babies and toddlers.

Topics covered include:

  • What is play?
  • Should multiples be expected to share their toys?
  • Establishing individual identities
  • The role of the television
  • The relationship of the multiples with each other
  • The relationship of the multiples with their siblings

In this book, renowned paediatrician and sleep authority, Dr Marc Weissbluth combines specialised advice for parents of twins with his tried-and-true sleep-training methods to show exhausted parents how to get their babies to sleep on their own, stay asleep and sleep regularly. This essential step-by-step guide to establishing good sleep patterns reveals how to build healthy habits in twins' natural slumber cycles, including:

  • how healthy sleep differs from "junk" sleep
  • techniques of sleep training for new parents
  • the five ingredients of healthy sleep and why daytime sleep is different from night time sleep but equally important to good health
  • why it's crucial for babies to master the ability to fall asleep unassisted, without protest or crying, and how to help them do so
  • essential tips for synchronising your twins' sleep schedules
  • how to recognise early drowsy cues in your babies so you can catch the sleep wave before it turns into nervous energy that will keep them awake

This book is a guide from pregnancy through young adulthood. The author is a twin, a mother of twins and a psychotherapist specialising in the treatment of emotional issues of multiples. She discusses seven key parenting guidelines to help the twins develop into unique individuals and offers parents strategies for each stage of their children's growth, from birth to young adulthood

Some of the issues discussed are:

  • Coping with the stress that comes with caring for two babies at once
  • Recognising that each twin is a unique individual
  • Giving each child important "alone time" with parents
  • Fostering each child's separate friendships and interests
  • Deciding on the same or different classroom education

National Geographic explores the extraordinary, never-before-seen world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Using groundbreaking technology and amazing 4D ultrasound images, watch quadruplets as they develop and engage in their first interactions with each other.

Follow the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travel inside the womb to see the tiny foetuses begin to interact with each other

This booklet will answer many of the questions that come to mind when you first hear you are expecting twins. Some of the topics covered include:

- Zygosity - Pregnancy 
- Settling & Routine - Feeding
- Pre-term labour and premature babies - Equipment
- Returning to the workforce  



Gina is one of Britain's bestselling childcare authors and Alice is a well respected TV presenter and a mother of twins. Together they have written a book that provides practical advice and first-hand insights into:

  • What to expect in a twin pregnancy
  • How to establish healthy feed and sleeping patterns
  • Coping with everyday practicalities such as shopping, bathtime, sharing the hugs and kisses
  • Suggested routines for the first twelve months