AMBA maintains relationships with key professional bodies who share our goals of supporting multiple birth families.

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At Ardo we are passionate about breastfeeding, breastmilk and supporting expressing mums.

Our product range has been developed with the purpose of meeting both the personal requirements and individual needs of mums and their babies.

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We all know that multiples are special but many don’t realise the significant contribution they can make in the worldwide fight against many medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease – and just how easy it is for multiples (and their parents) to be involved and to make a real difference.

What is Twins Research Australia?asthma study

Twins Research Australia (formerly the Australian Twin Registry) was established in 1981 to serve as a link between researchers and twins and multiples who are interested in getting involved in research projects.  With over 66,000 members, Twins Research Australia has become one of the largest volunteer registries of multiples in the world. Nevertheless, this still only represents about 17% of twins in Australia, therefore we always welcome new members.

Twins Research Australia is open to twins and HOMs of all ages, identical and non-identical, males and females and in any state of health.

Children (including newborn babies) can join but must be registered by their parents.

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AMBA is a founding member of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO), an international organisation consisting of multiple birth organisations from approximately 30 countries. The mission of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO) is to raise awareness of the unique needs of multiple – birth infants, children, adults and their families promoting their health, education and welfare.

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AMBA joins PANDA to help raise awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression amongst parents of multiples

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AMBA is working with PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia to increase awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression amongst parents of multiples.

“We know that parents of multiples are at increased risk of developing perinatal anxiety or depression,” says Ashlee Tenberge, AMBA Chairperson. “So it’s important for all our members to know that there is information and support available to help them whether during pregnancy or in early parenthood.”

PANDA is a specialist not for profit organisation that has been raising awareness of antenatal and postnatal depression for over 30 years and has helped tens of thousands of Australians get vital information, support and treatment to aid their recovery.

PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline for women, men and families struggling with perinatal anxiety and depression. The organisation also provides information and resources to the community to help increase awareness about perinatal anxiety and depression and to provide advice around seeking support.

Clubs can contact PANDA at to order resources for use at prenatal information evenings.   

For more information, visit:

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AMBA have joined up with HelloFresh the leading global provider of fresh food at home


HelloFresh aims to provide each and every household with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning, no shopping and no hassle required.

Everything required for weeknight meals, carefully planned, locally sourced and delivered to your door at the most convenient time for each subscriber.

AMBA members log onto the club area to receive the unique code that will provide you with a $40 discount that can be used for the first 4 Family boxes for all new customer orders.

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First Aid For You has partnered with Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA). The agreement sees First Aid For You offering a  range of first aid courses, designed specifically to the needs of parents and carers with ‘multiples’  to all AMBA members within Australia. The partnership also provides members with exclusive price offerings.

Mary Dawes, Founder of First Aid For You said “First Aid For You acknowledges the hard work all parents do, those with multiples work incredibly hard, with this in mind we’re looking forward to providing specially designed courses, fundraising opportunities for clubs and private discounted sessions for both carers and children across the country.”

First Aid For You provides first aid educational training across Australia to adults and children. Their 2-hour First Aid For Families Course will be specifically tailored for parents of multiples in line with this new partnership and organised in accordance with the ARC (Australian Resus Council) guidelines and other affiliated organisations.

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AMBA is grateful to our technology partners who provide support to enable us to efficiently assist our clubs and families.

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