AMBA Appreciation Awards

Volunteers are the engine that enables the Australian Multiple Birth Association to successfully work towards achieving our vision. 

AMBA and its affiliated member-clubs are successful due to the dedication of our fantastic volunteer team who contribute their time and skills to assist multiple birth families at local, state and national levels. AMBA celebrates the contribution our volunteers make and the AMBA Appreciation Awards are an acknowledgement of outstanding contribution and achievement within the multiple birth community.


THE AMBA Appreciation Awards

The AMBA Appreciation Awards (AAA) recognise significant contribution within the multiple birth community and are a prestigious achievement. AMBA volunteers, members and community contributors are acknowledged for their contribution and innovation to multiple birth programs, services and support. Nominating someone for an AAA values award shows that you are recognising an individual or club's contribution that is either beyond their usual role responsibilities or demonstrates excellence in adopting our organisational values.

These annual awards are presented at the awards dinner at the annual National Convention and are voted on by an experienced panel of AMBA life members. 

In 2018, AMBA launched a new set of values to define what our organisation believes is central to achieving our mission. These values have been incorporated into the criteria for the AMBA Appreciation Awards so that volunteers displaying these highly regarded traits can be recognised for their contributions to the Australian Multiple Birth Association. 

Find out more about our values.

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