Multiple Birth Awareness Week

Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) is the most important advocacy event in the AMBA calendar. It is held each year to promote and raise awareness of the realities, challenges and unique scenarios that multiple birth families experience.

The theme for the following MBAW is launched at national convention, usually held in October. 

Themes were introduced in 2013 and have been a great way of raising targeted awareness of the important work done by the Australian Multiple Birth Association and local clubs around Australia in supporting families and the multiple birth community.


"Strength in numbers". 


“Born a multiple; also an individual”. In 2017, we focused on raising awareness around the individuality of multiples; that even though they share a special bond as multiples, they are still unique individuals.


"Leave no Family Behind". In 2016 we’re working to build a stronger multiple birth community to ensure all families are connected with much needed support and community.


"T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More” acknowledging the teams that are involved in helping to raise twins, triplets or more and showing how, by working together, we can help families to thrive, not just survive. The 2015 MBAW theme was carried through to state seminar's and the recent AMBA Convention.


"You’re not alone”. The theme was to recognise there is growing evidence that getting involved in a support group such as AMBA can have real benefits to the mental health and coping skills of parents.


"Getting social”, acknowledging that clubs are taking advantage of social media to connect their members with an active community network and support – there always seems to be someone awake to answer a question.