Feeding multiples

Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your multiples, you'll have lots of questions. We've pulled together a list of resources that we hope will help.

Connect with support

A great starting point is to connect with support from "those who know" from your local AMBA club.   Take advantage of the club's support, events, community, resources and information.  Connecting gives you an opportunity to ask questions of a number of other parents of multiples to see what their experience has been.  Connect in person at club events, such as an expectant parent information session or playgroup, or online via your club's social media presence or AMBA's Forum.

Publications for purchase from AMBA

The Parenting Twins booklet will answer many of the questions that come to mind when you first hear you are expecting twins and topics include feeding.

Twins Feeding Diary

The Australian Breastfeeding Association's Breastfeeding: twins, triplets and more booklet explains in detail the 'how to' of breastfeeding.

These and more publications can be purchased from https://amba.org.au/publications, including the very helpful and popular Twins Feeding Diary  that was designed by an AMBA member.


A number of AMBA clubs have bottle-feeding and breastfeeding pillows and/or breast pumps that you can loan or hire.  Clubs can also help you to connect you with members who may be selling equipment.  Use the AMBA Club Finder to find your local club.  You can also make your own breastfeeding pillow using this pdf template .

Other useful information/resources

These resources are provided for your information. They are not AMBA resources and AMBA recommends using these resources as a guide only and to consult professional help if you require further assistance.

Contact your local AMBA club for information about a discount that's available for bulk purchases of formula from Nutricia.

Tamba in the UK has a great pdf Tamba UK Feeding Fact Sheet  which they have kindly given permission for us to share with our families.

Breastfeeding Twins and Higher Order Multiples - AMBA Handout written by a medical mum with multiples.

Breastfeeding Twins - Tips from Huggies.

Blog posts from Australian mums of twins Milk Milk Lemonade and Breastfeeding Twins.

Blog posts from Australian mums of triplets - Tips on how to survive Breastfeeding tripletsBreastfeeding Triplets – The Beginning and Breastfeeding Triplets.

Here's a link to a breastfeeding article from the Australian Breastfeeding Association written by a mum of twins.

Feeding questions are common on AMBA's Facebook page, here's an example.

Connect with a lactation consultant - ask your medical team for suggestions or visit the Lactation Consultants Of Australia And New Zealand Ltd website.

A list of breastfeeding resources covering twins and triplets.

YouTube has a number of feeding videos that you can watch for tips on feeding your babies. Below are some examples;

  • How to Tandem Feed Twins
  • Breastfeeding Triplets - featuring families from all over the world including a number of Australian mums.  Connect with support from your local AMBA club HOM contact and an amazing online community of Australian parents with triplets or more.