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Dads’ roles have changed dramatically in recent decades. Not only are more fathers present at the birth of their children than in previous generations, many men are trying to be more active and engaged fathers in a variety of ways. Many families have navigated this change at a pragmatic level without a lot of discussion and role reflection.

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These changes reflect the flexibility of many men in adapting to changing roles and expectations and challenge many of the negative stereotypes about men’s supposed inflexibility and unwillingness to change. Engaged, active fathering may also improve men’s health. Men tend to fare worse than women in most disease groups and die approximately five-seven years earlier than women. Supporting men’s fathering role may well be a significant catalyst that supports men to achieve better health outcomes. #

With dads becoming more hands on than ever before, men of today are looking for information on parenting and relationship tips from a dad's point of view. This natural evolution of both parents being involved in parenting has created a whole new genre of tips, support, insights, mental health, mateship and much more - just for the dads to get truly involved in helping raise their kids. A new culture has emerged of men who are happy to communicate and share their experiences of parenting.

AMBA's purpose is to provide support from 'those who know'. We focus on improving health outcomes for multiple birth families and by providing local, practical support for families - this support is as much for dads as anyone else in the family.

Where to find information

  • Local support for multiple dads

    Get connected with an AMBA club for support for the whole family.

    Find your local AMBA club

  • Online support for multiple dads

    Join the Multiple Dads Sanctuary Facebook group.

    With over 2,000 members from over 32 countries, MDS is not your average ‘blokes group’. They have strict guidelines on expected behaviour; no trashing partners or family, some polarising topics are off limits and the expected behaviour around support, scrolling on, and sharing our experiences etc. The group is all about being on the same page.

    Join Multiple Dads Sanctuary

  • Pillars of strength

    A support network for dads of children in NICU, hospital, and dads who have lost a child.

    In times of crisis, even the strongest dads need support. No matter how tough you are, some things you just can’t do on your own. Pillars of Strength is there for dads so they can support their families. Pillars of Strength is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing “Time Out” and “In Hospital Support” programs for dads while their baby is ill and to bereaved dads after the loss of their infant child.

    Visit Pillars of Strength

  • Parents of multiples are at higher risk of anxiety and depression

    Find out more on PND in families with multiples

  • Emotionally Healthy Twins
    Written by Joan Friedman

    "A great read", recommended by Neil. I read this book after some advice from friends who are twins. Good tips in here about parenting in partnership too.

  • Buy Emotionally Healthy Twins here

  • Blog: Becoming a dad of multiples
    Author: Neil Ward, founder of MDS

    Read Multiverse blog

# Men's health kit 3: Practitioners’ Guide to Men and their roles as Fathers. Western Sydney University 2014