Multiple Perspectives Discussion Paper

Multiple perspectivesAMBA is honoured to be a contributor to a world-first, international discussion paper, focusing on a wide-ranging overview of issues and challenges for families and health professionals during pregnancy, birth and the early life of twins and higher order multiples. Our Chairperson, Ashlee Tenbergeis a contributor to this exciting Australian publication.

This first-ever international discussion paper is a collaboration of multiple-birth agencies: Twins Research Australia (TRA), Twins and Multiple Births Association UK (TAMBA), Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), and the International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO). This collaboration has brought together the experience and expertise of the many stakeholders in multiple-birth healthcare including parents, community organisations, health professionals, researchers and educators. This discussion paper is a compilation of case studies and opinions collected from these key stakeholders. It aims to identify the difficulties facing multiple-birth babies and their families, the gaps in our current knowledge, and the way forward to address these gaps.

Download the discussion paper:  pdf Multiple Perspectives Discussion Paper 2019.05 (980 KB)