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Multiples are special, but many don’t realise the significant contribution they can make in the worldwide fight against many medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease – and just how easy it is for multiples (and their parents) to be involved and to make a real difference.

Identical twins provide an ideal setting to study the complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors. While they share the same genes, they sometimes differ in how these genes are expressed.

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 What is Twins Research Australia?

Twins Research Australia (TRA) [formerly the Australian Twin Registry] was established in 1981 to serve as a link between researchers and twins and multiples who are interested in getting involved in research projects.  With over 66,000 members, Twins Research Australia has become one of the largest volunteer registries of multiples in the world. Nevertheless, this still only represents about 17% of twins in Australia, therefore we always welcome new members.

Twins Research Australia is open to twins and HOMs of all ages, identical and non-identical, males and females and in any state of health.

Children (including newborn babies) can join but must be registered by their parents.

Why are twins and multiples so important?

Twins and multiples are unique because they share the same environment from conception. By comparing the similarities and differences between identical and non-identical twins; including those from higher order multiple births, researchers can get a better understanding of how our genes and environment determine who we are, what we do and our future health and happiness. In addition, by studying boy/girl twin pairs, researchers can discover important information about gender differences in certain diseases and characteristics.

What does being a member involve? research study

Multiples who register with TRA are placed on our database and from time to time they may be invited to participate in an ethically approved study.

Common activities include filling in questionnaires and health and lifestyle checks. We always have new studies coming up, you may be interested in some and not others and that’s fine – you always have a choice on whether to participate or not.

How do you benefit?

Some of the benefits are:

  • learning more about your own health while helping other twins and multiples, and the broader community;
  • feeling a sense of pride in being a member of such a unique volunteer group;
  • possible testing to determine whether your twins (or you and your twin) are identical or not;
  • access to different health tests, for example for eyes, teeth, bone density, and heart;
  • receive TRA updates on the latest medical and health research findings;
  • By joining TRA you join a very unique group that give back to the community in the easiest and most useful way possible – with your time!

How can I find out more information?

Phone: Freecall 1800 037 021

Visit our website

To register online:

You can request a free booklet for women pregnant with twins or for families with newborn twins.

View frequently asked questions relating to twins and multiples.

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