International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations

AMBA is a founding member of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO), an international organisation consisting of multiple birth organisations from approximately 30 countries. AMBA continues to maintain our involvement in this organisation and take part in worldwide research and presentation of papers at international congresses.

Expecting twins, triplets or more? You've found your tribe. AMBA, the Australian Multiple Birth Association, is Australia's leading charity for twins, triplets and more. On our site you will find the official AMBA directory for finding local club support, tips about what to expect while you are pregnant, information on common issues for multiple birth, and there is useful information if you are already a multiple birth family.

When a family pays their membership fee to your local club, a portion of that fee is passed on to AMBA for affiliation at the national level. We'd like to thank all families who choose to join an affiliated member-club. Your contribution enables us to continue to work towards our mission of enabling positive health outcomes, awareness and equality for multiple birth families through advocacy, education and community.

Formed as a volunteer organisation in 1974, AMBA is the only national charity in Australia focused on improving the lives of twins, triplets or more and their families. 

Our mission is to enable positive health outcomes, awareness and equality for multiple birth families through advocacy, education and community.

Our purpose

Our grassroots purpose is to provide support from 'those who know'. By focusing on improving health outcomes for multiple birth families and by providing local, practical support, we stay aligned to our mission and can work to deliver the impact we strive for.

Our Vision

To be the leading resource for multiple birth families in Australia for social support, literature and educational information.

Our values

The Australian Multiple Birth Association works within a strong values-based culture. Our values are the cornerstone of our volunteer recruitment and recognition lifecycle. Our five values are lived at all levels of our organisation and are more than just words. They are a framework for how we behave and relate to one another. Our values form our mindset, drive our conduct and ultimately define how we treat each other.

AMBA Values

HONOUR integrity

We act with integrity and take ownership for the quality of our individual work, but also take pride in what we deliver as a team. Our focus is on a successful outcome for all. When things don’t go as planned we proactively use it as an opportunity to learn and shift direction.

IMAGINE possibilities

We have the courage and curiosity to challenge, innovate and take on new opportunities. Adopting a growth mindset and positively working through change means success for our volunteers, our organisation and our families.

INSPIRE action

We value passion, commitment and enthusiasm for our cause. We believe that seeking and giving feedback are essential for us to learn; we want to inspire each other to achieve great things. Transparency and being candid will enable us to grow as individuals and become a stronger organisation.


We value team over individual; how we get things done is as important as what we achieve. We share our diverse strengths, talents and resources to achieve goals together. Our success is driven by building relationships, breaking down barriers and connecting across clubs, states and communities.

SERVE families

We prioritise support for multiple birth families over any other activity. We work to provide a peer network for families of multiples to find relevant information and support. We are dedicated to building awareness of the unique needs of multiple birth families and advocating for their rights.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of multiple birth families to whom we provide support, resources and education from other families sharing the same unique journey. As the leading support organisation for families with twins, triplets or more, we are recognised for our hands-on experience and knowledge, hence our motto being “Support from those who know”. AMBA provides its multiple birth families with current information on parenting, multiple birth studies and support at grassroots level.

4 columns of the width of the page.
4 columns of the width of the page.
Affiliated clubs across Australia provide support where it is most needed. Each club supports its members in their own unique way with the ultimate goal to be there for families when they need it most. Support comes in many forms: whether offering a playgroup or coffee morning for parents to take a break with other families experiencing the same challenges; producing a newsletter as a form of communication and resource; or offering information sessions such as antenatal evenings, parenting courses specifically aimed at parents with twins, triplets or more, or multiples-in-school evenings. We do not receive government funding and as such, the organisation operates on membership affiliation fees. These are kept to a minimum to make membership accessible to all families.
With no paid staff, AMBA’s board and clubs are managed and operated by volunteer parents of multiples from all walks of life and experience. Australia’s first “Mothers of Twins” club was created in Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1969. After many successful years, this group of mothers recognised the importance of such a group and subsequently AMBA was formed in 1974. AMBA then became the national coordinating body of multiple birth associations throughout Australia.
AMBA is active in supporting families, increasing awareness of the unique needs of multiple birth families, improving the resources made available to them and producing and distributing literature on issues relating to multiples. AMBA currently has over 50 affiliated clubs with a membership base of approximately 4,000 families Australia-wide. Primarily our membership base is families with children of preschool age and under, however the number of parents with school-aged and older children is growing due to the association’s and clubs’ recognition that challenges of parenthood do not end when children start school. In many respects, they are just beginning!

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AMBA maintains relationships with key professional bodies who share our goals of supporting multiple birth families.