Ashlee Tenberge

North West Sydney MBA and Multinet

The Chairperson forms and leads Board of Directors and oversees the direction of the organisation taking into account strategic and operational aspects. As the head of the AMBA organisation, the Chairperson maintains contact with international multiple birth organisations and represents AMBA at conferences where appropriate.

Ashlee is mum to school-aged twin girls and joined her local AMBA club, North West Sydney MBA, when she was 20 weeks pregnant.  She joined her club committee when her girls were six months old, the state committee 6 months later and the AMBA Board in October 2013, taking on the newly created technology portfolio.  Volunteering for AMBA has created a vital support network with some amazing (similarly crazy!) friends, enabled learning, networking and skill development plus a contribution back to the community that still supports her, now as a single parent family.

Currently, Ashlee works full-time for LogMeIn in their Asia Pacific HQ in Sydney.  She enjoys the opportunities to link her professional skills with supporting AMBA and the multiple birth community and is passionate about AMBA’s future and journey of transformation.