Governance refers to the processes, activities and relationships of AMBA that make sure we are effectively and properly run. Good governance is when AMBA has practices and procedures in place that help us to do our work effectively and openly, and when the roles and responsibilities of people in our organisation are clearly understood. This includes the particular roles of board members and the roles of volunteers and members.

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State and Territory Committees exist to enable the achievement of AMBA goals and are a key liaison between the Board and member clubs.

State and territory committees support AMBA clubs in their state or territory through operational and/or strategic guidance. State and territory committees are sub-committees of the AMBA Board and are comprised of individual members of local clubs, elected by member clubs (of that state/territory). Through regular interactions and facilitation of club sharing opportunities via annual state seminar, the state and territory bodies seek to make their clubs as efficient as possible.

State and territory committees do not have any voting rights at state/territory level or with AMBA. 

State and Territory bodies

Local clubs exist to directly support their member families. Clubs are the fabric of the AMBA organisation and are the key to servicing multiple birth families across Australia.

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