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Parenting boy/girl multiples


Australian Multiple Birth Association

This booklet is a culmination of data collected from workshops at AMBA State Seminars and national conventions; a questionnaire and many anecdotal tales of raising boy/girl multiples.

Some of the issues discussed include:

  • toilet training
  • dressing the multiples
  • behaviour and discipline
  • day care
  • starting school
  • school issues - homework, telling the news, repeating a year
  • birthday parties
  • adolescence
  • siblings


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Pub. 2004
Reprinted 2007

56 pages


Published in School-aged multiples

School-aged Multiples

Australian Multiple Birth Association                                                  

This booklet is excellent reading for parents, teachers and school administrators. It illustrates the issues they encounter, especially in terms of classmate expectations of comparison and competition. There is a separate chapter for teachers and teaching personnel.

The booklet offers practical advice that can be easily understood and supplies current and accurate information on a range of issues including:

  • Zygosity of multiples
  • Preschool
  • Reading with multiples
  • Preparation for big school
  • What to do when one is not ready for school
  • When they can't be told apart
  • Homework issues
  • Difference in abilities
  • Boy/girl sets at school
  • Adolescents


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Pub. 2010
Published in School-aged multiples

Ipswich Multiple Birth Association Inc (IMBA) was established in 1987 by local mums and dads of twins, triplets or more. Our Association covers the boundaries of Springfield to Gatton and encompasses Ipswich and its surrounding areas of Esk, Toogoolawah and Boonah.

As a non-profit volunteer-based organisation, our aims are to provide practical and emotional support, access to information, friendship and social functions. To allow an opportunity for parents to share their coping strategies and discuss events unique to their situation, through communicating and sharing of information on the care and raising of multiples.

IMBA also strives to improve the resources and information available to families of multiples and to increase the awareness of these needs in our society.

Published in Queensland

The LNSMBA has been operating in Sydney since 1977 and is affiliated with the Australian Multiple Birth Association. We provide support, information and education for parents of multiples from pregnancy through to adulthood. We offer a range of services and social events throughout the year. All of these activities are coordinated and run by a dedicated team of volunteers from within the club who meet regularly to ensure the effective running of the club and to plan future events. Our geographical area covers an area north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (roughly Mosman to North Sydney to St Ives to Ryde).

Published in New South Wales

The aim of the group is:

  • To provide a network of friends who have multiple birth children.
  • To provide a means of communication for sharing information about the care and raising of multiple birth children.
  • To increase public awareness of the needs of families with multiples and improve the resources available to them.
Published in Western Australia

The Toowoomba and District Multiple Birth Association Inc. (TDMBA) provides a range of services to support you and your family as you commence or continue along your journey with multiples.

Published in Queensland

The SCMBA volunteers seek to ensure that the objectives of AMBA/AMBAQ are met by way of the daily operations of the group, namely:

  • share information on caring for and raising families with multiple birth children
  • provide social networking opportunities for members
  • increase the awareness of the needs of and resources available to multiple birth families.
Published in Queensland