Running a half marathon…with a pram

Written by Kate Kirby, Mum to Koda and Lara, 2

Prior to having kids, my husband Glenn and I were very active, spending most of our spare time at the beach and training for various races outdoors.

Having twins was a shock and, for a long time, even leaving the house felt like a marathon in itself. When our beautiful kids Koda and Lara turned two this year, we decided to register for a race together, and attempt to run a half marathon as a family with the double pram.We decided on the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon. This is a 21.1km race held in August on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Apart from being a great local race, the organisers actively encouraged pram racing. The race was such an achievement for our family. It gave us all a common goal and got us outside in the sunshine as a family. While racing with a pram was harder than we anticipated, we hope to do more pram running, although we will stick to 10km races in the future (at least until the twins get a bit older).

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