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Parents of twins or more are at high risk of anxiety and depression

Perinatal Depression (PND), or Post-partum mood disorder (PPMD) is two to three times more common in parents of twins or higher order multiples than parents of singleton babies, according to recent research.

As Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week approaches (15-21 November), the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) has encouraged those expecting twins or higher order multiples to connect with others as early support can lead to better outcomes.

AMBA Communications Director Ali Mountifield, mum to triplets, said multiple birth parents were at increased risk of perinatal mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

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AMBA Magazine September 2015

The latest issue of the AMBA Magazine has been distributed in digital format for the first time.  The magazine is a much-loved read for parents of multiples across Australia. Its focus is on providing real-life insights into life with multiples, as well as highlighting a selection of the medical and lifestyle challenges that are a reality for multiple birth families. Distributed to AMBA members, AMBA Magazine carries a balanced mix of medical and lifestyle topics. A staple for parents of multiples, it keeps readers informed and up to date on the latest products, services and tips for raising multiples. Plus, it includes up-to-date medical and wellbeing information.

The September 2015 issue of the AMBA Magazine is out, and it is full of really great stories! A broad range of topics are covered, from gender dysphoria to genetic testing of fraternal multiples to a road trip with triplets to the Twins Plus Festival. If you are not a member you can purchase a copy, for $3.50, via this link.


Convention 2015

We are excited to invite you to the 43rd AMBA National Convention. The 2015 Convention Planning Committee will host this year’s convention from October 23rd to 25th at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on Hindley in Adelaide. The theme for this year's Convention is 'TEAM'  - Together Everyone Achieves More- with a strong focus on club sharing, we will also look at building relationships with external businesses and agencies for the betterment of local clubs, state clubs and the national body.

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AMBA & HUGGIES® Nappy Offer


 Join an AMBA club and receive a FREE* convenience case of HUGGIES® Newborn or Infant Nappies valued at $56, delivered to your door!AMBA and HUGGIES® are delighted to announce a joint initiative for new AMBA members*.

Find a club to join using AMBA's Club Finder.  Once you've joined fill in the Huggies Redemption Form and select which type of nappies you would like to receive and send the form to your club for verification of your membership.

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What to expect when you're expecting multiples

twin boysDiscovering you are expecting twins, triplets or more is a surprise and shock to most, even if they were aware there was a chance! Most parents feel a sense of bewilderment: "How are we going to cope?" "What do I need?" "How will this affect my pregnancy?" "What are the risks?" "What support is there?"

The prospect of birth can be such a daunting one that many parents find it hard to think beyond that miraculous and improbable event. Try to bear in mind that once your babies are here, you will be very busy. The time before they arrive is a great opportunity to research some of the practical issues ahead of you, reading up on everything", from what happens in a multiple birth to twin/triplet sleep routines.

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National support

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AMBA provides support to families with multiples in Australia no matter where they are located. Read this amazing story about a family who live 8 hours away from their local club - Townsville & District Multiple Birth Association.

With over 50 clubs around Australia, we have most of Australia covered and if a club membership doesn't suit, families have the option of joining AMBA as an Associate Member to access member benefits such as the AMBA Magazine and member discounts.

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