What's AMBA all about?

Raising twins, triplets or more is an experience. We aim to make it a positive one.

AMBA is a grassroots organisation and the magic happens at club level. We serve families by offering local peer support services through our affiliated member-club network. Local clubs exist to directly support their member families, with affiliated member-clubs across Australia supporting their members in their own unique way with the ultimate goal to be there for families when they need it most.

The main goal of our local member-clubs is to improve health outcomes of member families by offering a range of support services. Member-clubs are independently managed and run by volunteer parents of multiples from all walks of life and experience.

Each club offers slightly different services, depending on their volunteer resources and the budget available to run club programs and activities. Core services are targeted at the 0-5 age group and may include:

New and expectant parent information sessions
Seasonal social events
Social media support
Breast pump and feeding pillow hire
Buy/swap/sell opportunities