Who we are

We are a community of parents with twins, triplets or more, sharing our lived experience and striving for better health outcomes, awareness and support, for multiple birth families across Australia.

Who we are

Expecting twins, triplets or more? You've found your tribe! The Australian Multiple Birth Association, or AMBA for short, is the only national organisation in Australia, focused on improving the lives of twins, triplets or more and their families. The first Multiple Birth Club was formed in Newcastle in 1969 by a mother of twins looking to establish a local peer support network. In the years that followed, many more clubs sprung up around the country as parents longed for a sense of belonging that they could not find in a singleton world. These individual clubs also recognised the value of collaboration, so AMBA was formed as the overarching national body, for all affiliated multiple birth clubs.

What we do

AMBA is a registered charity that is 100% operated by parents who are parents of multiples themselves. Our catch phrase, ‘support from those who know’, embodies our philosophy that no one is as passionate about our cause, as those who have lived it first hand.

At a national level, the AMBA board of Directors strives to deliver on our mission to enable positive health outcomes, awareness and equality for multiple birth families through advocacy, education and community. We act as the voice of our community and work to improve outcomes for all families who are expecting, or have given birth to multiples.

At a club level, a local committee of volunteers provide families with opportunities for connection, education and support. AMBA clubs offer a range of useful resources and services, but any AMBA member will tell you that the best benefit of joining is the friendship you will make.

AMBA, founded in 1974, is a registered Australian charity run by volunteers with a board of directors and over 40 clubs nationally.

AMBA supports families with twins, triplets or more through the health and emotional challenges they face – the key ones being premature birth and mental health risks.

AMBA's mission is to enable positive health outcomes, promote awareness and equality for multiple birth families through advocacy, education and community. AMBA works nationally to liaise with governments and other community organisations; initiate and promote research; produce and distribute literature.

Affiliated clubs across Australia provide support where it is most needed. Each club supports its members in their own unique way with the ultimate goal to be there for families when they need it most. Support comes in many forms: whether offering a playgroup or coffee morning for parents to take a break with other families experiencing the same challenges; producing a newsletter as a form of communication and resource; or offering information sessions such as antenatal evenings, parenting courses specifically aimed at parents with twins, triplets or more, or multiples-in-school evenings. We do not receive government funding and as such, the organisation operates on membership affiliation fees, grants, fundraising and partnerships.