There are many parts that make up a membership to an AMBA affiliated member-club or association. Mostly, your local club committee will determine the services and programs that are offered to member-families, based on volunteer availability, budget and other factors.

Programs and services aside, we know first hand that finances - in many forms - can be an issue for multiple birth families. At a national level, the AMBA Board of Directors play an active role in offering tangible value for your membership fee. Your choice to join an affiliated member-club is already a contribution you make to enabling our organisation to continue operating and work towards our mission for years to come.

Our directors approach and negotiate offers with retailers whose mission and purpose is in line with our own. Before confirming an offer for member-families, we ensure that retailers are valid and are a known brand within their product category.

All offers presented on our website are exclusive to AMBA member-families. Please take the time to read the fine print before you browse.