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Twins can be classified as monozygotic (MZ or identical) or dizygotic (DZ, non-identical, or fraternal). Knowing the zygosity of your twins is important for medical, social, financial, and ethical reasons.

Identical twins occur when one egg is fertilised by one sperm and the embryo then splits into two. These twins are genetically the same and share 100% of their genetic information, but this doesn’t mean that everything about them is identical. They may have some different physical characteristics, such as birthmarks, hair patterns, and teeth development.

Scans performed during pregnancy are not a reliable way of determining zygosity, the best way to determine zygosity is by undertaking a DNA test with identilab.

Samples are easily collected by you in your own home. The results of twin/triplet testing cannot be used for legal purposes, and are simply for your own personal information.

Identilab is 100% Australian-owned and operated and is accredited for compliance with NATA (ISO/IEC 17025 testing) Trust identilab to provide you with Zygosity testing today.