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Documents stored here are visible to any visitor on the AMBA Website. Examples include fact sheets; media releases; privacy policy; website guidelines etc.


pdf 2016-AMBA-board-portfoliodescriptions Popular

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pdf 40 years of support for a high-risk minority Popular

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AMBA's 40th anniversary media release

pdf AMBA Advertising Kit - Direct Media KIt Popular

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Advertising with AMBA is not just an opportunity to market your products or services but also to work alongside AMBA to provide multiple birth families with better resources and a stronger voice in the community.  Email advertising@amba.org.au for more information.

pdf AMBA Constitution 2019 Popular

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2019_AMBA Constitution.pdf

pdf AMBA Convention 2013 Popular

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AMBA Convention 2013 media release

pdf AMBA Magazine Rate Card Popular

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Advertising rates for the AMBA Magazine.

pdf AMBA publications catalogue Feb 2018 Popular

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AMBA publications catalogue 2018.02.pdf

pdf AMBA Social Media Guidelines 2013 Popular

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pdf Bereavement - Grieving Couples Popular

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An AMBA 3-fold leaflet for couples who have suffered a bereavement

pdf Bereavement - Helping the Grieving Mother Popular

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An AMBA document aimed at friends, family and those providing support to a grieving mother.  A very useful resource for all AMBA club committees to be familiar with.

pdf Breastfeeding handout AMBA Popular

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pdf Breastfeeding Pillow Template Popular

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This template can be used to create a breastfeeding pillow.  

pdf Catalogue Popular

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pdf International Multiple Birth Awareness Week - Press Release 2012 Popular

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pdf Letter from Nancy Segal Popular

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IMBAW_2012_Letter from Nancy Segal.pdf

IMBAW 2012

pdf Letter to Educators Popular

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IMBAW_2012_letter to educators.pdf

IMBAW 2012

pdf Letter to Parents Popular

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IMBAW_2012_letter to parents.pdf

IMBAW 2012

pdf MBAW 2014 Press Release Popular

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pdf MBAW Press Release 2010 Popular

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pdf MBAW Press Release 2011 Popular

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pdf Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2014 Press Release Popular

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pdf Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2015 Press Release Popular

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pdf Multiple birth rate drops in 2012 Popular

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Multiple birth rate drops in 2012 - Press Release

pdf Multiple Perspectives Discussion Paper 2019.05 Popular

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This first-ever international discussion paper is a collaboration of multiple-birth agencies: Twins Research Australia (TRA), Twins and Multiple Births Association UK (TAMBA), Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), and the International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations (ICOMBO). This collaboration has brought together the experience and expertise of the many stakeholders in multiple-birth healthcare including parents, community organisations, health professionals, researchers and educators. This discussion paper is a compilation of case studies and opinions collected from these key stakeholders. It aims to identify the difficulties facing multiple-birth babies and their families, the gaps in our current knowledge, and the way forward to address these gaps.

pdf Postnatal Depression Awareness Week Press - Release 2012 Popular

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pdf Preventing Prematurity - Press Release 2012 Popular

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pdf Princess Mary & ATR Press Release 2013 Popular

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pdf Social Media - Multiplying Connections Online - Press Release 2012 Popular

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pdf Strategies to encourage individuality Popular

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MBAW 2017 - MBAW 2017 - Strategies to encourage individuality

pdf Support Letter - Pat Preedy Popular

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IMBAW_2012_Support letter - Pat Preedy.pdf

IMBAW 2012

pdf Tamba UK Feeding Fact Sheet Popular

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Tamba (https://www.tamba.org.uk/) have given permission for us to use this great fact sheet as part of our Feeding resource on the website.  If you use this document please acknowledge Tamba.

pdf Twins, triplets or more – overcoming challenges. Halving the risk of preterm birth for twins Popular

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Media Release : "Twins, triplets or more – overcoming challenges. Halving the risk of preterm birth for twins"

pdf Volunteer Week 2013 Press Release Popular

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