Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2019 "Share the journey"

At Convention 2018, the AMBA Board launched the MBAW 2019 theme of ‘Share the Journey’. MBAW 2019 also has a revised date, bringing it forward - it is now from the 24th of February to the 3rd of March

The journey of carrying, delivering and raising two or more babies at once is no easy feat and a task best shared with a trusted and supportive network. AMBA helps families build these essential connections by linking them with community, information and support..

Many parents of multiples feel isolated and overwhelmed due to their unique situation. Mental health issues occur at a much higher rate in parents of multiples. A strong sense of belonging is essential for good mental health and wellbeing. AMBA fosters these connections by linking families to a community of local multiple birth families.

Those who actively ‘share the journey’ with their peers often develop strong bonds and lifelong friendships through the shared experience of parenting multiples and the many unique joys and challenges this brings.

By getting involved in club activities such as information sessions and playgroups, parents will have the opportunity to share their stories, knowledge and skills as well as offering words of reassurance and encouragement that build confidence and a sense of belonging.

At AMBA we know that parenting multiples is a journey best shared.

Each day of MBAW we will be sharing a story from one of our member families highlighting the unique journey that parents of multiples encounter. For those wishing to share a memorable experience with the wider community, please refer to “MBAW2019 - Share your Experience” . Submissions to be provided to Daniel at (due date 15th February 2019).