Annual National Convention

“In 2024, AMBA are thrilled to invite you to the AMBA National Convention in Melbourne. Whether it be to connect with our community, collaborate with AMBA volunteers or to celebrate 50 years of support for multiple birth families, there is something for everyone.”

Larissa Jordan
AMBA Chairperson

The Australian Multiple Birth Association’s National Convention is Australia’s leading event for supporting families with twins, triplets or more, to achieve better health outcomes.

For over 50 years, multiple birth clubs from across the country have been gathering to build and share their collective wisdom for the betterment of multiple birth families everywhere. Convention is a highlight of the AMBA calendar, as it's the only opportunity for geographically dispersed volunteers to collaborate face-to-face. The annual gathering, unites a national federation of over 40 multiple birth associations and branches, providing a forum for volunteers and supporters to connect and collaborate with the AMBA board of directors and topic experts.

While the event provides a forum for AMBA to conduct its annual general meeting (AGM), convention is primarily focussed on education and development. The program includes a number of speakers and workshops, designed to build the capacity of all attendees, leading to positive change for the multiple birth community. Convention is an invaluable experience, and we encourage all volunteers and supporters to join us for an amazing weekend of learning, networking and newfound motivation to make a difference.

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