The Australian Multiple Birth Association Budget Submission 24-25

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The Australian Multiple Birth Association is a national association, fully run by volunteer parents of multiples, which provides targeted support, education and peer networks to multiple birth families all across Australia.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Federal Government 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submissions. We commend the Government’s commitment to the implementation of the Early Years Strategy, the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality and Women’s Health Strategy and would be pleased to assist in achieving some of the outcomes outlined through our proposed initiatives outlined in this submission.

Every year there are approximately 4,200 multiple births in Australia which makes up 1.4% of all births. Of those births 98% are twins and the remaining 2% are higher order multiples such as triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets.

It is well understood that having one child is a huge life change for any family, but imagine if you were told you were pregnant with not one child but two, three or even four at once? For most multiple birth families the shock of becoming pregnant with multiples is felt instantly and best described as unimaginable joy, but unavoidable challenges.

Multiple birth families face incredible disadvantage from the moment they become pregnant with multiples and continue to experience increased challenges throughout the first five years of life and beyond. Despite research demonstrating that multiple birth families are at high risk of virtually every complication from pregnancy to the postnatal experience, there is a significant gap in services, education and support for the multiple birth community in Australia.

Parents of multiples in Australia report feeling incredibly isolated, unable to find comprehensive resources and education, financially strained, at a high risk of postnatal depression and generally feel unsupported. Multiple birth families need resources and a peer support network where they can feel safe and supported to share their multiple birth experiences. It is clear that a one size fits all approach to education and support does not work for multiple birth families. As stated in the draft Early Years Strategy, “Parents and other caregivers are empowered when they have the skills, resources and capabilities to help their children develop and learn, and they need to know where to access support”.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association is seeking a total of $2.875 million over 3 years to:

  1. INCREASE AND SUPPORT VOLUNTEERS: Deliver training and support programs for volunteers of the Australian Multiple Birth Association.
  2. EDUCATE PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Develop a research based, online education program for ALL Australian multiple birth families.
  3. COLLABORATE WITH HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND KEY PARTNERS: Ensure best practice consistent support for multiple birth families.


We are confident that by delivering the proposed activities as outlined in detail below, it will have the following outcomes:

Improved education levels and awareness of health services within the multiple birth community especially those from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds such as CALD, LGBTQI+, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;

Strengthened peer support networks and connection to community for parents of multiples, especially in remote or rural areas; Increased amount of volunteer parents of multiples in Australia and therefore increased workforce participation of mothers of multiples; and

Improved education amongst health professionals and key organisations of the unique challenges that multiple birth families face and the best practice for providing health care for this high risk community.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association is committed to moving towards a sustainable self- funded business model through building on already established corporate partnerships, local club memberships and licensing fees it could charge for educational resources.

By funding the Australian Multiple Birth Association the Australian Government will be investing in a long established non-for-profit organisation (50 years) that will partner with other key organisations to deliver critical education and peer support services to vulnerable and disadvantaged multiple birth families. The Australian Multiple Birth Association is aligned with the Government’s aims to empower parents, caregivers and families to raise thriving children and looks forward to working with the Government to achieve this aim.

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