Parliamentary inquiry into support for new parents and babies in NSW

AMBA has responded to an invitation from NSW parliament to provide a submission regarding an inquiry into ways to improve physical health, mental health and child protection outcomes for new parents and babies. The inquiry examined if current services meet the needs of new of parents and babies. There will be a focus on how to improve the mental and physical health of families with new babies. The inquiry also looked at how health outcomes for babies can be improved, and the role of technology in service delivery will also be examined.

Committee Chair Kevin Conolly MP said, “Taking care of a baby is physically and mentally tiring. We want to ensure parents can access the services and resources they need to help them and their baby thrive”.

The Committee on Community Services inquired into and will report on support for new parents and babies in New South Wales, including:

  • The adequacy of current services and structures for new parents, especially those who need extra support, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their babies.
  • Changes to current services and structures that could improve physical health, mental health and child protection outcomes.
  • Specific areas of disadvantage or challenge in relation to health outcomes for babies.
  • Models of support provided in other jurisdictions to support new parents and promote the health of babies.
  • Opportunities for new and emerging technology to enhance support for new parents and babies.

“Parents often don’t think of their own physical and mental health when caring for a baby. It’s important that they know how and where to get support when they need it” said Committee Chair Kevin Conolly MP.

AMBA NSW State President, Joanne O'Keefe and AMBA Chairperson, Ashlee Tenberge, attended the public hearing on Monday 28 May to respond to AMBA's submission and provide additional context to the committee. The transcript of the hearing and recommendations from the committee will be available in due course.

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