Webinar Series 2020 - Better Together

The extraordinary events of COVID-19 pushed us all into unknown territory. With member-clubs not being able to offer their traditional face-to-face services and programs, the Australian Multiple Birth Association had to shift and look for alternatives to continue to serve its members and offer support. AMBA responded by seeking to understand how our role would change to support member-families in a more direct way than ever before. At the same time, our affiliated member-clubs needed to change direction almost overnight and plan how they could shift their programs online to ensure that they were able to continue to provide services to their valued families. 

AMBA is excited to announce the launch of our new webinar series in April 2020 as part of our response to ensuring we continue to provide quality service delivery to families during the escalating COVID-19 pandemic. Webinars have the unique ability to go beyond the challenges of geography and distance and connect people no matter where they're located. 

Our goal is that our webinar series will assist and empower our families, connect their healthcare providers and inform their communities, thereby driving better outcomes and positive change for our members. Our program positively impacts the health and well-being of Australian multiple birth families by covering a range of subjects. We aim to fund this program on an ongoing basis to continue servicing our families into the future. 

Watch a webinar on demand. Available 24/7.