Multiple Birth Awareness Week theme this year is 'Equality for Multiple Birth Families'. Multiple birth families need more support in Australia. Multiples are more likely to face greater challenges in their early years, necessitating additional dedicated support. In Australia, families with multiples receive no additional support, notwithstanding the modest Multiple Birth Allowance afforded to higher order multiples and subject to rigid means testing.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association and PerCapita have released a new report: “Multiples Matter: Investigating the Support Needs of Multiple Birth Families, which demonstrates that Australia is lagging behind in comparison to 43 other OECD countries when it comes to support for multiples, you can read more about it here.

Only 11% of parents of multiples in Australia feel adequately supported by the programs and policies in place. It is time for a change! This Multiple Birth Awareness Week we are asking parents, grandparents, friends, caregivers and anyone who thinks multiples need more support to get involved!

How can you be involved? Here are 5 ways!


Historical Awareness Campaigns.

Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) is a national campaign to raise awareness around, and draw attention to, the unique realities for multiple birth families in Australia - and how advocacy, positive education and engaged communities can contribute to enabling positive health outcomes for families with multiples.

MBAW is observed each year from the third to fourth Sunday of March (should this coincide with Easter, MBAW will be observed from the second to third Sunday of March).

The MBAW dates for the next three years are

- Sunday 19 March to Sunday 26 March, 2023 
- Sunday 17 March to Sunday 24 March, 2024
- Sunday 16 March to Sunday 23 March, 2025

Clink on this link to make a MBAW theme submission: