On demand webinar:
Improving Outcomes in Multiple Birth Pregnancies

Improving Outcomes in Multiple Birth Pregnancies.

Professor Mark Umstad - Patron of the Australian Multiple Birth Association

The 2022 Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) theme - “Educating the Educators" - took educators, health professionals and members of the community on a journey to learn and discover multiple birth families' lived experiences and identify success and challenges. The goal for MBAW 2022 was to drive awareness of issues that impact multiple birth families to ensure better support and recognition for medical, education and social outcomes.

Professor Mark Umstad has a strong interest in high-risk obstetrics, particularly multiple birth pregnancies, pregnancy loss, premature delivery and recurrent miscarriage. Professor Umstad has conducted extensive research and training, and is actively involved in teaching at the University of Melbourne.

In this webinar Professor Umstad, Patron of the Australian Multiple Birth Association, shares his extensive knowledge of improving outcomes in multiple birth pregnancies, including

  • Zygosity/chorionicity/placentation
  • Routine care of twins
  • TTTS
  • Selective IUGR in MC twins
  • Neonatal outcomes in twins
  • Preterm birth and prevention in twins (& higher order)
  • Yolk sacs in MCMA twins

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