On demand webinar:
School Readiness - Developmental considerations for multiples

Find out what is key in determining if your multiples are ready for school.

In this webinar, you will hear about key considerations for a child transitioning to school, including what is developmentally expected of a child at 4 and 5 years old. The importance of play underpinning the development of essential school transition skills and the impact of screen time will be discussed. Tips and strategies to promote the development of ‘school readiness’ skills will be explored and the context of COVID-19 considered.

Finally, we will explore some of the key concerns that parents of multiples face in the preparation for transition to school including classroom placement for multiples and whether their child is ready or not.

This webinar is facilitated by Natalie Tomkins. Natalie is a paediatric occupational therapist with more than 10 years clinical experience in the field. She currently works in a community health setting with children from birth-school entry with mild to moderate developmental delays. This has included following up and providing assessment and support many multiples as part of a developmental monitoring clinic for pre-term infants. Natalie has extensive previous experience in disability services working with children with a range of diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay, cerebral palsy etc. She has also worked in the private sector, within schools in Victoria.

Being a mum to 5 year old fraternal twins and executive committee member of Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association adds to her experience and expertise.

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